Truth is not Fiction

✾ Dinner Invitation

Each galaxy is in it’s place. If one galaxy contains more stars than the next closest galaxy, then be not surprised in the indifference of energy. There is also many waters and many diamonds bigger than your head. Of what perfume shall she wear? Also many ancient walls filled of drawings in curse. And enough crayons and children to vandalism it all. It is surely an entertainment of great buffets? It is surely a login of lesser event? You fools that say I will praise magic and be blessed! Where have you been above the Almighty in nothing? It is not a wonder of racing horses for greed. It is not a wonder of a rich man doing vast murder from a tower of greed. Neither the fake wives of Hollywood to chant O’ my God in utter ignorance of vanity praised. There is birds loved and the finger of oil all over the phones in mistrust. One nation from the next as grasshoppers. Who will envy a storm! The stars? Nevertheless ✝

Deep Crate Notation

✾ Introduction

Some numeric sequence… {4,128,31,5,8} a added in series total of 176 and a multiplied series together of 634,880 count. These two new numbers alone can’t reflect back the original sequence, however do. Getting back the original sequence of numbers would involve mind reading, or other surveillances/retaining specific to the source that formed the sequence. The main beginning information needed is how many separate numbers are in the sequence, before any more operations in getting back the original sequence. Upfront you could make some solid reasoning, that one or two numbers of the sequence is significantly more from the large between difference of the added and multiplied totals. The other reverse pattern analysis combined, without mind reading or surveillance a Deep Crate Notation, DCN. A non-property methods in operations needed for a Acronym Compiler’s registers, previously explained of it’s basics on a past blog post. Basic mathematics easily explained as is this intro, though the abstraction levels in between rather complex of comparison to on, off, or both on and off intersections met. What is viewed after… wham is all new and consumed of the previous.

✾ A Set Table

What more pairings of a 176 to 634,880? The average separate pairings of 176 in 634,880 is 3,607.272 by division only. If the pattern of {4,128,31,5,8} carried on further of more separate numbers added or reduced, the average 3,607.272 can be of some abstract subtraction/addition significance retained of any more separate numbers added or reduced. The more direct reflection of how many separate numbers, within the pattern before or after remains unknown …a method applying of a three from four, division separate of multiplications, additions, and subtractions grouped? Let’s look at that: Multiplication, addition, and subtraction integrated into a one single interface operator combined, not retaining a property of division further of a pattern recognized. Reduction is the subtraction operation, the other two are of increasing, multiplication & addition.

✾ Sublimity of Transfer

A interface is a point where two systems meet and have interaction(s). On topic, we are needing systems of multiplication, addition, and subtraction as one single operation point paired to the operation of division interfaced. Reduction is of the subtraction parameter only, to be combined of addition & multiplication. Let’s look at another pattern similar:


From this simple arrangement in rows & columns of [M]multiplication, [A]addition, and [S]subtraction we can apply a X, Y, and Z integration further at central meeting point of the two. (see my “The Acronym Compiler” blog post) In relevant pairing comparison the S, Subtraction is reduction of two to the Acronym Compiler previously explained of basic origins. Qualifying a significant merge of addition and multiplication of any end points to a pattern, or sequence further. A timeline of this unique interface of standard math operations merged, of spacetime slicing rather than normal encapsulation pairing of linear timeliness. There must be equal table pairing of any intersections merged, whereof division *visible after of before any X, Y, or Z plane merged of pairing axis equal.

❃ Texture vs Measure

All texture is a product of Pi from measure(mathematics) ruling. There is no escaping it in the before and after. Each vibrations inhabiting the structure of what is not naturally visible is origami recycle in abstract nature of planes merging, or separated. Once a plane of X, Y, or Z is emerged of another pairing X, Y, or Z then excites the underlay pattern hold to retain it’s area possible. Too much texture combined, any property state of both on and off must be consumed further in the next underlay pattern to hold moreover. Declaration of other one operator from a three of four standard natural math operators, interfaced of remaining operator frequently employed by just one such interface instructed within spacetime allowed ✡✝ Quantum Computers of tremendous power belong to the LORD that is in power now. Any man, or woman that rejects HIM will be rejected by HIM. As before and now, I own none of the mathematics explained.

A Jewish Owned Root

✾ Not a World Map

At once upon a time, I became very offended of both the Bible and Jewish people. There is plenty of teachings in the world to help you get offended the same way I did. My stupidity went even further, into a single night of my soul being in the balance of never being here to explain what root Jesus Christ was speaking of. First, many Jewish people died by vicious means for others to have a direct written record of what happened, starting of the Exodus that truly did happen. Many Jewish people prophets or not prophets. Some chained to walls in direct sunlight and left of the most disturbing circumstances for a man can possibly face. It was bad, real bad at certain times Israel endured peoples that did idols and murder rampant. Of root is the Jerusalem and the Covenant. From that root makes the Word of God renewed continuous and builds a stronghold to that root in both historical significance, the more important spiritual significance also specific in the way they made detailed records of time, places, names, rulers, countries, and etc. From the Feast established by God to not being too bothered by the world’s views against it. As has been going on since Abraham decided to leave idols(False Gods) worship altogether. If you need root, to not be a seed that doesn’t make it, there is no better solution in getting a Hebraic understanding or experiences of the real Bible’s grounding for us and the above. All the writers and Jesus are Jewish, whereof is written the Salvation belongs to the Jews. No other established people direct rooted to the Covenant by some other means. And is a instance reality to any entering Heaven immediately, if a man or woman claims they saw Heaven.

✾ Wild Soothsayers of Boycott

Of now, there is still much emphasis on Israel being the loser after the world has their way. Such things is a absolute lose everything utterly if followed. If not today, then tomorrow surely demonstrated to all the world the real God is a very jealous God beyond our comprehensions. In that once the absolute Creator makes a promise unbreakable, there is not stopping those promises by anything in the world. Not enough armies, ballistics, ships, tanks, and etc. A very direct situation of established promises long ago, that any men or other beings going against have already lost. Time being fully realized from Heaven coming to Earth, a spanning across every dimension already now. A difficult thing to explain. Much of the hell with Israel from the past misunderstandings of root knowledge of the Bible, that many outside the rooting quickly dismiss the more deeper things spoken of in those time periods. Great misunderstood foundations to the root of the Covenant is calamity of the world’s interpretations on Jews being the murder of Jesus. Such is not the circumstance and never was. Of where men and women hear truth of a thing, however only hear what they want to only hear and spreads like one hot match dropped in a forest.

✾ Silver Apples

The elders. The elders of Israel are crucial into explaining further the root of the Covenant established. God is 100% Spiritual Being. To truly see God means you would have to be God. Impossible for you as written. There is things that are very important to Covenant and to be known for all involved. That includes a hierarchy of elders of Israel; that do not play with other belief systems intruding the predicted future of Covenant. From the Feasts of God continuing forever to strict assignments purposed. Going against them is also not tolerated in that they take direct orders from the Lord. Real persons written of in the book of Revelation you don’t want to disrespect, or purposely disobey. That includes a slew of well known persons in the Bible finished. You can’t replace experience.

❃ Where is your Citizenship

Membership in other things against Israel as the only nation established by the Lord God is very bad. Look up and forget about other establishments by men promising true peace. If doesn’t include the living Lord God directly ruling and respected? Will perish. And possible perish without any expected time being the reality I experienced moreover. In that you are in a recorder and the living Lord having been handed final judgement throughout. About the Government established on Earth ruled by the Lord God, not of who wins or loses, or competition. Is a direct ruling from no Authority higher, whereof choice will still be existence.

A woman named Sol Pais

✾ Threat is over

The what we knows and a young person of another suicide. Each day kids are exposed to more and more pulling away from the love of Christ, by social competition and competition in general of everything. It creates a increased sarcastic environment throughout, that leads to such strange circumstances as Sol Pais’s final moments. So it’s all her fault and the threat is over? No. The truth is Sol Pais a victim of neglect by a foundation of competitive origin and she sought a alternate win outcome away from, disturbingly wrong of course. There was surely enough time to have meaningful conversation with Sol Pais and her hidden complaints, instead of another competition smothering her into more disconnects. Enough time to show her she is loved in a utterly different environment than mere competitive society that surrounds her. The lore of exalted action thru fame… A reoccurring fault of a competitive society based in the trust of money being Master. How is it Sol Pais to be further ignored of outstanding fashion, beauty, and etc. and be sent to Hell? Where is your citizenship sir, ma’am? Who the Hell are you to label Sol Pais and she be thrown away like trash?

✾ Fear

Fear of money? Fear of fame? Fear of beauty? Fear of social status? Fear of law? The last question before this is Good right? Wrong. Wrong in so many subjects to Christ’s words, on several different levels of communication that could reach a written book status further. Sol Pais had wired emotions of resistance from fear and chose the wrong format in wrongful fear. And more truthfully, exactly what large corrupted competitive groups would like. That you being in fear of them thru law, would make wrong steps in being classified the enemy rather than them at the end of the day. No longer a threat to a competitive society under law, rather than under Grace? Sol Pais was in a dark place of demonic competitive voices instructing a copy action thru fear. That fear being the hopeless trust in a competitive society, that seeks to mark all people to it’s rules in fear of outward success. Don’t you lie to us!

✾ Awards

What is an award in news that hides facts and truths? Does it appropriate a better resume for a more precious social status in a competitive market? Arrange all those likes and loves for your pride of being a outstanding person in a competitive society, based on money is Master 24 hours a turn of Earth? Who are you fooling, God to? Was Sol Pais ever rewarded in a compliment outside of a dog eat dog competitive environment? Was Sol Pais just another mistake elsewhere, the blame being all her fault? The threat over?

❃ Threat

The great threat is a increasing competitive society structured into money purposed as Master continually, that raises figures of leadership pertaining to fame & fortune exclusively. As is the case of Sol Pais and others neglected of love from it’s disgusting reality, there is and will be no peace in it. From social status to gun profits made, there can be no true love in fearing the outward mechanisms of control from evil greedy men and women. Whom put on a smile and relish in the temporary things of life for their own malingerings in pride, being a precious chosen for instructing the ridiculous competitive nature of it further. In that Sol Pais be just another classified mental screw and forgotten? No. You will not get away with that lawlessness foundation in greed, over running the determinations of things uncovered by truth.

Rods of God

✾ Static Electricity

The usefulness of static electricity gathered as a reliable source of electrical energy supplied. Main focus, the circumstances of applying substantial increases in current to voltage supply, from static electricity gathered. A system of a unique battery and the environmental placement. There is places on Earth of sand and wind, that fit the scope of a ‘Rods of God’ fieldings. Each rod being double hull and further surfaces underneath it’s mounting to grounding. The exposed shell made to maximize the static electricity gathering; the second inward shell attachment of the rod being integrated into the unique battery system, that over phases the process of increasing current to voltage reliable, throughout two separate arrangements of oscillating the build up of electrical energy. Thus explained so far, whereof several hundred Rods of God in a field causes electromagnetic disturbance near the area. The mechanical & electrical processes of the rods turning off and on not by wireless means. Also peaceful staff communication at the site by other communication strategies more reliable.

✾ Exotic Metals

Today’s accumulation in the knowledge of rare metals includes exotics combined together, or partly merged in a binary property agents to bonding further by chemical or heat applying. Some of the processes of retaining electrical significance in combined exotic makes, improving specific tunneling collects at certain regions of the structure to the bondings made. Static electricity can reach very high levels of voltage quickly in substitutes of exotic metal pairings, and additional violations in mass structuring rendered in forming processes occurred naturally. The greater weight to a static electricity gathering rod of God being inner, than altogether. Whereof the unique battery system, that creates needed current by oscillation of a certain other exotic rare metal. Of liquid and explosive, however not being detached over Earth as a downward dart. Circumstances of environment heat very apparent also, and the interference several Rods of God being arranged near in rows can cause. Special developments of re-circulation inside the rods by rotation and shielding of regions within rated atomic. No overly simple way of producing reliable electrical energy, from natural static electricity gathering as well known.

✾ Origami

Origami type applications to surfaces is also unique to three different electrical subjects moreover. First, being rotation situations in maximizing a static electricity gathering on a plating. This involving artificial intelligence adapting environment conditions uniquely met also. Second, circumstances of the oscillations being applied to the more central task of the exotic battery storages and release elsewhere preventing heat build up. And the third region, being how the rod is of grounded structure to the pairing shells of the rod underneath, whereof connections met arrayed.

❃ Impossible vs Possible

Every thing visible and not visible has a sets of mathematical arrangements to rules of engagement, by being visible or not. Many of them include electrical integration from vibration, or oscillation of abstract points further. Some circumstances allow insight into obvious reverse engineering paths, in natural electrical tunneling conditions effected outwardly of it’s constants. Such matters as tasking static electricity a reliable energy source, not to be confused with no peaceful agreements. Of conclusion to any further questions arising on this unique technology in the future.

Sincerity and Luxury

✾ Fame

There is many verses concerning fame in the Holy Bible, to be a pursuant not of it. Don’t love the world, neither fall into trusting the world loves you, in the later Testament emphasis crucial reminded. As all should know fame accompanies destructive deceit. When those deceits are used against the young in ~promises of fame & fortune, is great vanity and abomination of widespread celebrity like worship channeled thru gossip. Viewing some of the now host to these get famous series abound… if mute used, can easily be seen human cloning is already real. Even the abundant advertising of cult brand naming, very similar to tasking the objectives of enormous sincerity robotically. However enough wine served at the table to make things merry, then soon money is surely to answer everything, as written in Proverbs also secretly. Christ Jesus perspective on fame was it’s unavoidable for Him yet never trust it, well instructed routinely to anyone a witness and a tongue. Fame causes great hardship on those that trust they must live up to it and causes great debt as observed. Christ Jesus was saying ignore it altogether; more direct passages of don’t worry about what you are going to be of wearable and be not bothered in the ways of money labeling you, from the story of the woman that gave all she had in the lesser penny amount. The last important message from Christ in regards to image inscriptions on money itself, that was the tipping point of Jesus Christ being arrested by the Romans and further questioned of His own importance; He was as famous as Caesar by then moreover. And a epic statement by Christ after that arrest, to Pilate that he was being used rather the other way around. The classic Exodus wait parameter, you are only allowed what control you have now because God only allows it.

✾ Without God

Without God you don’t exist. No more the Intelligent design that allows your own viewing there is a God. Where one man is trusted of many men, all have lied. Every man a liar from just one lie done is the verse explained deeper of greater Intelligence. It surrounds the uncertainty of trusting in fame & fortune. That those whom do trust in it, deceived into trusting it further. And that further, just one step away from making one last wrong choice. The perspective according to the entire terminology used of the Holy Bible, that mercy is for them that seek mercy from the correct Source. The book of Daniel very grounded into such future observance, that allowed Daniel unique positions from a true sincerity gift. Not all can be as sincere as Daniel the prophet was, having prearranged circumstances for him, at the wants of fame and miscalculations of the living God over it all. Originally any laws surrounding what is prayer not even broken, or seen fit to stop any man from finding the living God’s will. Thrown into a fire pit, lion’s den, and even a brutal overtake of Babylon without a scratch is neither luck.

✾ Promises

There is many promises and the world loves many things, money, houses, vehicles, food, and etc. And where a man or woman prays to be seen and boasting of charity, is irrelevant. Who can trust hypocrisy on the most distributed book of all time? How many seeds… with inscriptions by men on money will last forever? Has any civilization not been succumbed to ruins of the past? The great subject of promises in the now and future. The Holy Bible is a book of Prophecy, that most often concerns a redemption further. Without redemption, any promises become bleak and irrelevant. The conditions of a true promise from the LORD always meet a two way communication of one choice, the cold or hot, and the assignment of choice recognized by the stranger in a strange land. Going all the way back to Abraham and a alter of choice to sacrifice his own son. A severity of choice not neglected and finished.

❃ No marriage in Heaven

If Heaven has ever sounded boring, no. Faith is believing you do have, rather than don’t have. Much of this world is instructive to advertising the very opposite. Why? Fear of nonexist, the very strategic thought done upon man and woman in Eden. Man and woman had no fear of nonexist(naked, nothing, etc.) in the beginning. They understood mathematical no quantity, however no fear of nonexist existed between them. Because of the indifference later then is shame and blame. Competition being the pinpoint of describing why no marriage in Heaven. Without fear of nonexist(Tree of Life), the ridiculous competitive nature between men and women is lost. No more trusting in money is Master, or other Master enforcing you to that Master’s own wants in storing up more treasures for themselves. And also the awareness of a Intelligent Creator near increased greatly, where all senses is increased greatly also. More cyclic in observation of infinity known of the All knowing. Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life. You start trusting God is nothing and you will trust in plans by men. Not a great future coming on Earth as written.

The Acronym Compiler

✾ Double Minus Dancing Trims

The pairing of two axis and a one connect thru of either the X, Y, or Z plane has ten ending points altogether. A double minus of 12-2 pairing of three way duality end points. If Y is the merged plane of only two end points now, rather than previous four then X4Y4Z4 != X4Y2Z4 long. A numeric palindrome occurrence of 424, whereof XYZ the common read order. And the entire XYZ numeric palindromes of 424 double acronym trim rule mixed further, keeping a XYZ order at left begin or right begin verticals:

☞ L to R


L to R ☜


[⚐ Of a quantum type relational to 12 restored individual into the combinations, there is a absolute condition of opposite vertical group endings to either ZZY or YXX, and double matching middle immediates opposites, whereof a static middle numeric palindrome 222 always unless viewed apart.]

Each set of these palindrome 424 acronym mixed sets is 9 letters & numbers. Four sets total equaling 36 letters & 36 numbers altogether combined, rather than standard 32. Where is the extra 4 coming from directly? The observation held of the two axis before pairing, having now one merged plane of either X, Y, or Z. In that of ZZY and YXX combined is ZZYYXX. And from that observation of restored, a palindrome sequence of ZZYYXX or XXYYZZ is XYZZYX exclusively only to a common acronym of it met either left or right in standard XYZ reading recognized. However, needs a merged after observation of either X, Y, or Z… such as XYZYX after observation of Z plane merged?

✾ Virtual Post Assignment Instruction Sets

A Fajita has these three main objects to be my favorite food: Steak, pepper, and tortilla. SPT the acronym. When a further grooming with XYZ is to be of some type instructions on previous ruling, then is the accumulations of forming virtual post assignments, if numeric mergings to be rotational palindrome met. Introducing a double state majority, or minority endings to matrices rendered of any instructions previous/after. Sharks do not naturally jump out of the water tail first because of consumption. Let’s consider a instruction set:

shrkA(S1P3T1, X4Y2Z4);
shrkB(P3T1S1, Z4Y2X4);
q = (shrkA*shrkB)/3

Territory Y is the exact same end points merged in this set, and relative to a first RtoL of S and T being also some virtual merged subset of the acronym SPT. However, there is a 3rd matching precedent before this. The conditional abstract layer of 4 to Z or X, in that of some virtual multiplication then division result, both shrkA and shrkB we’re prededuction held of it’s palindrome numeric existence of 131 to 424. Whereof combined for further multiplication was a significant 3:2 ratio of palindrome retained further. Of 1 and 4 collapse in virtual mixed acronyms mixed further, yet still retained of the mixed acronym’s singular holdings.

✾ Propriety Routing Instruction Sets

Thus far understood. A leverage tasked of virtual post assignments met in compression of palindrome/acronym sequencing before memory changed, doesn’t solve a appendage of grouped balances into instruction sets further routed of a same, to form some central task achieved of either two mirrored. In symmetric terms {of previous explanations to X, Y, and Z a two way vital preconditioning paths are absolute of either X, Y, or Z merging further. That basis flow over any mixed palindrome acronym sets leads a sequential significance to three adaptations in allowed multi-configurable algorithms chosen.

❃ Poke-a-dot Bikinis

Humanity vision is held together by free radical observation already constructed long ago. Involves ordinary rational deductions and rare rational deductions, of objects viewed in there set allowed perspectives for us pairings. If two objects are of a similar same properties, then technique found in enumeration compressed further by both multiplication or division. Normally we do not see multiplication sequences holding deduction. Of example two woman standing on a coast line, having a seemingly exact poke-a-dot bikini on of same colors(acronyms). The further we observe, becomes tougher to calculate if is any difference in size of the poke-a-dots between the two bikinis. However, of multiplication comparisons in color zooming can be established from outer pair comparisons reliable. The outer merging essences of the beginning structure explained, retaining a relevant merge in observations of three perspectives to two states end points not merged further. I hope you enjoyed this and happy to answer any questions you have, when allowed. The basic mathematics shown I don’t own.